Waste management center Celje RCEROC

The city of Celje, based on its waste treatment strategy, decided to build a new regional center for waste treatment RCERO / WTFC, located at Bukovžlak near Celje. A sorting facility, a disassembling facility and the building for mechanical and biological treatment were realized on the northern plateau of the waste center.  The main issue of this investment is the rational treatment, recycling and volume reduction of waste and the prolongation of the life span of the waste treatment center. The buildings are designed as prefabricated constructions with maximum spans of 22 m. They have the function of a utility skin, covering the technology of the waste treatment installation.


investor: Municioality Celje
location: Celje
building area: 10.650 m2
program: industrial building
project date: June 2006 - Februray 2008
status: constructed, August 2008


Damjan Bradač

Davor Zelič