Tunnel Šentvid-Koseze

In 2004 the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) initiated construction of the Šentvid-Koseze tunnel along with additional buildings and structures necessary for its safe operation. Among others, those include portal areas, power stations, reconstruction and extension of existing gallery, deviation of Celovška Street, pumping station, low voltage station and a fire barrier. The total length of the two tunnel tubes, linking the Ljubljana ring with highway towards Gorenjska region, is 1060 m (1460 m taking into account both new and old galleries). Access from and to the Celovška Street is provided by two approach tunnels, each 84 m long, that can be accessed via four bridges.


Due to its unique location within the city, the portal area of the Šentvid-Koseze tunnel is, by definition, an integral part of an urban space, where various communication layers as well as buildings necessary for a normal operation of the tunnel, are intensely interlaced. Architecture is a small but important segment of the project, mainly due to its visibility. The scenography of the entrance into the mountain is defined by the architecture of the portals, which are representative of all underground structures, not visible to the eye of a common observer. The main challenge was therefore to create an urban space that could arouse interest of car passengers as well as pedestrians and cyclists.


Project received golden pencil award by architectural chamber of Slovenia in 2010


client: Dars d.d.
location: Ljubljana
building area: 1480 m
project date: july 2004
status: built 2010


Damjan Bradač

Davor Zelič

landscape Bruto d.o.o.