The main landmarks of the broader area surrounding the future footbridge are the Prešern Square and high-quality architectural plastic by Jože Plečnik, characterised by simple materials, so typical for the world renowned Slovenian architect. Placing a new architectural object into such environment is therefore a challenging task.


The proposed solution addresses the challenge from the perspective of functional industrial design, rather than applying a classical architectural approach. A high-tech solution serving a very specific purpose is provided. In a similar manner, a mast serves to a sailing boat or a propeller to an aircraft. Functionally oriented industrial philosophy provides an answer through application of today's era materials, carbon and glass fibre reinforced polymer, which enabled all architectural, design and structural issues of the footbridge and of the particular location to be answered. Instead of introducing new elements into existing panorama, only a minimalistic intervention is provided.


Three main lines determine the footbridge: the upper level of the balustrade, the line of the flat walking surface and the smooth bottom arc of the structure. Its geometry renders it almost invisible within the main views from the Prešern Square and the Cobbler's Bridge. On the other hand, the new footbridge offers pedestrians new perspectives towards the architecture of the Ljubljanica River banks.


Structured walking surface and other details discretely, yet recognisably blend the footbridge with its surroundings. The structure is thinnest on the west bank above Makalonca, enabling minimum intervention in the existing embankment. It is foreseen that the bridge could be put in place in one day after the foundations on the east bank had been constructed.


The proposed footbridge would have been one of the first representatives of high-tech bridges in this part of Europe. The selected material also allows incorporation of piezoelectric ceramic elements, which can be used for measurements of deformations, thus enabling real-time on-line report on its current load, the direction of pedestrian flow and other parameters. A smart structure, designed and built with a Slovenian know-how would be a pride of Ljubljana.


investor: Municipality of Ljubljana
location: Ljubljana
building area: 25m
program: /
project date: october 2012

awarded 3rd prize

in an open international competition


Damjan Bradač

Mark Koritnik

Maria Leonor Coutinho


Jaka Zevnik

Angelo Žigon

Jernej Jakopin