The building is built as a reinforced concrete montage construction. The height of the main volume is 10 m above the terrain. The height of the ground floor volume is 6,90 m. The facade is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete plates that were purposefully designed to provide the specific qualities a public fire fighting station requires. The Montage construction technology provides necessary separation between the construction and the facade. The principle of horizontal facade stripes enables us to change the inner disposition of the ground floor as well as the first floor. The vertical structure of the facade is accentuated in order to hide the vertical dilatation of the facade plates. This gives the facade a single-block, very monolithic and sovereign appearance. The ground floor is divided by program: garage, intervention area, service area, storage, and functional area. The first floor is divided into a command area and a residential area for fire fighters. It is organized with two longitudinal communications with a short connection in between. In the middle of the building is a small patio. The two elements, the tower and the garage, define the concept of the building. The tower is a monolithic object that beside its primary function as training object also represents a characteristic spatial vertical on the main city street. The garage with dispatch room forms the center of the building.


investor: Fire brigade Koper
location: koper
building area: 3258 m2
program: industrial
project date: 2005
status: built 2006


Damjan Bradač