spomenik žrtvam vojn

My mirror is an empty frame...           

As War is defined by the land which suffers it and the
            social context that leads to bloodshed;
the proposed monument to the victims of all wars is spatially determined
by two similar spatial elements, the flooring and the floating frame.
            Like our social framework interprets society
            to make it easier for us to recognize ourselves in it;
the proposed framework with its mobile design performs
as an element of self-reflection and perspective, as a canvas of our expectations.
            Just as the consequences of our actions are
            reflected in the memories of winners;
the proposed empty or semitransparent frame
reflects the strength of an observer into the helplessness of a victim.
            As war divided people
            by erasing boundaries between I and us;
the proposed solution divides space into
urban, formal space and internal, intimate space .
            Thus, as time is endlessly healing all wounds,
            and emptiness is being filled with memories alone;
the proposed monument with its visual format installs
a street line into Congress park, the volume of the frame being "a house that is not there".
            The monument to victims of all wars is given to us in the faith
            that one day we will overcome discord.
Therefore, the proposed neutrally colored flooring of Slovenian rock follows the direction parallel to the main direction of the Congress park, from east to west, and semantically completes the Plečnik axis : Trnovska Church - Vegova - Congress Square.


 The movable Frame divides space into two separate yet connected entities, External (city, public, protocol, concert) space and

Internal (intimate, contemplative) space. The motile nature of the frame allows the monument to react to the significance of the event. We can optically enlarge or reduce both spaces by moving the mirror without impairing change the ratio of significance of two spaces without impairing their fucnctionallity. Unhindered passage under the mirror or next to it is always assured.


client: investor
location: Ljubljana
building area: /
program: competition
project date: 2013
status: oh well


Damjan Bradač

Maria Leonor Coutinho

Mark  Koritnik


Jaka Zevnik

Dejan Žigon