reconstruction of Republic square, Yerevan

The basic idea of this proposal is in the reinstallation of the proper functionality of the Republic square in Yerevan as it was envisioned by the original authors. The square was designed as an important central traffic intersection and tram roundabout. That particular function defined the square as a communication surface for people, to be used by people.  With the development of the city, the abandonment of the tram as a public transportation means, and the introduction of the car as a main traffic tool the Republic square lost its main function as public space.

Aside from the infrastructural layer of the republic square the location is abundant with very important architectural civic layers, defined by distinguished Armenian Architects Samuel Safaryan, Raphael Arevshatyan, Mark Grigoryan and Edyard Sarapyan. It was them who defined and articulated this city space in accordance with contemporary global trends of that time. It is therefore our task to articulate their idea within today’s standards, creating a functional, advanced, multilayered public space that opens up to the architecture that surrounds it, giving room for the appreciation of a glorious history in a modern urban setting.

The square is designed as a high tech neutral surface which offers different usage of public space. Minimalistic interventions like air duct openings and connections for the evacuation routes from the garage are foreseen.

With the proposed solution we put the traffic layer below the ground, away from pedestrian civic public space. The use of this large area, now occupied by transportation, will be returned to the people, becoming a true Republic square once again. 

The main aim of our design is to achieve an open public space connected to its national present and past, by submerging the traffic infrastructure.


investor: Municipality of Yerevan
location: Yerevan, Armenia
building area: /
program: competition
project date: october 2013
status: Honorable mention


Damjan Bradač

Maria Leonor Coutinho






Tibor Kraševec    traffic design

Tomaž Strmole    static calculations

Peter Blažek        mechanical instalations