Water reservoaIr and machinery room

Building is the part of the fire safety system in tunnel Golovec in highway A10 Koper – Lendava. Building is designed as entrenched structure, with frontal facade which holds Water reservoir and machinery room for mechanical and electrical equipement. Building is located SW of the existing power station.

Existing building was designed in late 90 is defined by technical facade from cast concrete, and the volume inserted in sloped terrain, with intention to minimize the spatial intervention.

Architecture of the new building is paraphrase of existing architecture. Design of the envelope- facade of the building is showing its content, the reservoir and machinery room.


investor: DARS
location: tunnel Golovec
building area: 120m2
program: infrastructure
project date: 2013
status: built in 2015


Damjan Bradač

Matej Delak