Military Airport Cerklje ob Krki

The Slovenian Armed Forces have carried out a comprehensive reconstruction of the existing military airport at Cerklje. An architectural design has been developed for the entire area, which consists of facilities for the operation of the airport with supporting storage and service facilities: a new control tower, a fire and rescue station, a hangar for planes, a hangar for the helicopter unit, fuel storage, storage for equipment and a new flight school. The project includes an extension of the existing runway and the renovation of communal, technological and road infrastructure.

The new air traffic control  building with all supporting airport facilities is designed with two longitudinal lamellas, one on the air site with the vertical element of the control tower, and the other on the land site. The space between the lamellas functions as an atrium for protocol use. This building is an important part of the airport infrastructure as it contains all services and vital equipment for the normal functioning of the airport like: monitoring, management, flight information and meteorological services.
Functionality, modularity, simplicity, sustainability and  low maintenance cost were the objectives and goals of the project.


investor: Ministry of Defense of Republic of Slovenia
location: Cerklje ob Krki
building area: 4480 m2
project date: June 2008 - February 2009
status: constructed 2010


Damjan Bradač

Davor Zelič

Aleš Golob


Miran Kambič