Baseggio palace lies between the houses,of the Kreljeva street, in the old town of Koper. The building is a fine example of baroque bourgeois residential building with all the essential features of this period in its interior. The intervention - renovation of the building with new features is possibility to preserve and present all the essential elements of historic buildings such as, spatial structure, architecture, ceiling and wall paintings and other presentation elements.

The facility was designed for the University Centre for Venetian history and cultural heritage.

New function of small library and exibition room in the fisrt floor, multifuctional hall in the old barocco room with double stairs, with new offices for administartion and two small appartments for the visiting professors will provide new function of this interesting historic building.

Preservation of all existing spatial elements with minimal interventions and designing new access stairs in between variouse levels of the building is the core and the challenge of this assignment. Volume of the new stairs is covered with Corten facade skin showing discreet intervetion.

Stairs are designed around the vertical half transparent box, which function as self standing element. It represent as a light element and in the same time alows us to hide some of  instalations hidden from the eye since there was a strict demand to avoid the existing historic wall and slabs.


investor: Univerza na Primorskem
location: Koper, Slovenija
building area: 1965
program: public library
project date: 2012
status: on going


damjan bradač