City tower Koper is a strong but elegant vertical landmark element which connect two parts of the city. The old city Koper and the new residential area of near by Markovec (San Marco) slope.

The connecting element of tower will generate connections for the pedestrians and cyclist to the city promenade, and to the green public spaces which will be developed with new public urban programs in between city and coastline of Markovec.

Cyclist and pedestrian paths gradually descend to public plateau, at the same time viewer is exposed to expansion of the view, with the restaurant on the end providing a view to the city silhouette.

Steel-space frame construction is the connection element in between the slope and the tower providing acess to the elevators for public.

The viewpoint platform is grawing from the flysch structured slope, as a transitional element in between vertical element of the tower and the endpoint of the external arrangement.

Elevators and stairs are providing acess to the rooftop ot the tower at 111 m above the sea level.

Tower is designed as semitransparent designated  landmark of city and port Koper - the lighthouse.


investor: Municipality Koper
location: Koper
building area: /
program: Public space
project date: 2018
status: /


Damjan Bradač
visualizations Mark Koritnik