A total length of railway line is planned between Koper and Divača is 27.2 km,
- 20 km of the route runs through 8 tunnels. T1-T8

The route of the planned Divača Koper line is on the 5th All-European Transport Corridor, which runs from southwest to northeast Europe, connecting Venice and Trieste with Divača, where it splits in the direction of Koper and in the direction of Ljubljana, and continues in the direction of Budapest and Lviv in Ukraine. This connects Central Europe with the Mediterranean.

In the first phase, a new one-track line will be constructed to relieve the current one-track line.

the Divača – Koper line will be divided into two sections:
Divača-Črni Kal, 15.06 km long
Black Kal-Koper, 12.14 km long

The architecture of the portal objects is uniquely designed. The portals are designed as slanted concrete structures, hexagonal sections, which adapt to the terrain configuration. The surfaces above the portals are plowed and planted with a new forest edge.

The portals are designed with a façade away from the slope to ensure fire safety while keeping the slope intact as much as possible.

The power ventilation stations are located in the portal areas in case T2 north, and as part of the portal in case of portal T2 south, as a standalone facility near Gliščica viaduct.

Power centrals are unified and standardized, designed as covered buildings  following the configuration of the terrain.

All spatial interventions are minimized as much as possible. In locations where the geological conditions are poor, the basement walls of the tunnel are supported by stone walls lined with local sandstone. Larger support structures are covered with vegetation.


client: SŽ /


Koper Divača
building area: 27,20 km
program: railway infrastructure
project date: 2008




co founded by EU


idp, pgd


Damjan Bradač
Davor Zelić
Mark Koritnik