The building is designed as a volume measuring approximately 81.0 x 44.1 m with a wreath height of 14 m.

The architecture follows the principle of stacking volumes according to the principle of  wooden joints. The house consists of warehouse , production area and administrative area. Between the warehouse and the administrative part is an empty volume of the inner atrium, which represent space for future expansion. One repeated type of opening appears on the façade, defining a simple monolith of the building.

The warehouse is designed for  capacity of 2,500 pallet places. The building is heated, naturally ventilated, the facade and roof are made with a heat-insulating envelope, which enables the thermal stability of the building. 

The production part of the facility consists of various areas such as acceptance of goods, issuance of goods, production and space for waste management. The clear height of the production part of the building is 6m. Vertical communication is done through the main and auxillary fire staircase.

An administrative space is provided on the first floor of the building. The offices have a social space in the middle of the building that function as an atrium, and provides optimal working conditions in terms of transparency, accessibility, natural lighting and ventilation of the building


client: Blažič Robni trakovi d.o.o.
location: Brnik
building area: 4974,2
program: Industrial
project date: 2019
status: 2021 build


damjan Bradač
lin pei


lin pei