National and University Library NUKII

The facility follows the ground plan of the Roman castrum grid. Building structural system is designed based on the geometry of archaeological remains and archaeological layer. Creation of public ground floor incorporates the geometry of modern Ljubljana, which in this area provides Vegova street and Library building.


Building operates as a dense compact volume, which creates a space of one city block, creating a diagonal direction SE-NW. In a SW-NE corner this solution offers a new quality urban pedestrian diagonal, which offers contact in between the university town and the old Town.


investor: Ministry for education, knowledge and technology
location: Ljubljana
building area: 18.713,50 m2
program: /
project date: March 2011
status: /


Damjan Bradač

Mark Koritnik

Leonor M.Coutinho

Ksenija Pirc

Davor Zelič

Andrej Stanič