Shoping mall Bryansk

Bryansk city and the administrative centre of Bryansk county with cca. 415.000 inhabitants, lies 380 km southwest of Moscow and is an important industrial centre of predominantly steel and mechanical industry.

The city is formed by four centres: Bežickij rayon, Sovjetski rayon, Volodarski rayon and Fokinski rayon. The investor is building in Fokinski rayon area on a deserted industrial area a new residential block with 5000 apartment units. There is also planned a shopping entertainment centre with total surface area of 39,000m2. The centre will provide the Bryansk population besides shopping programme also sports, entertainment and cultural activities. The structure is designed by an open de-central scheme and is a  specialty in the urban grid of an industrial city, which despite a different design approach takes the grid into consideration. Stratification of the facility is shown in cross sections and volumes, which with its dynamic geometry of the city offers added value in terms of design of the building volume. Floor program contents are classified according to the principle of equivalence, so that in the facility is created a circular movement or circulation rather than directed movement between the two virtual points. The program contents are distributed by their functions and relevance through the sections of the facility. In the basement and ground floor of the building there are programs that require a higher frequency and at the upper floors, where they provided a more exclusive and quiet activities such as a spa center, kindergarten, etc.


client: /
location: Bryansk, Russia
building area: 40.000 m2
program: /
project date: November 2011
status: /


Damjan Bradač

Mark Koritnik

Leonor M.Coutinho