The Al Rayanni C-Ring Metro station is located in the city of Doha near the crossing of Ahmed Bin Ali st. And Al Rayann road, next to the Hamad medical center. The Metro station area within an elipticall C-ring measures approximately 45,500 m2  Ahmed Bin Ali street with a tunnel underpass is dividing the area from S to NW.On the western side there is the Hamad medical center, on the East there is the Hamad City hospital. On the plot there is a single storey parking garage belonging to the Hamad City hospital.

Classical construction methods with an open building pit are not feasible for the Al Rayanni metro station because of the environmental, noise and possible infrastructural impacts to the hospital area with the inevitable demolition of the existing parking lot and various necessary road constructions in the building site area.

The main task is therefore to find a suitable construction technology solution and proper project solutions with which we reduce the above problems of the location, while offering the client rational solutions with quality above all traffic and architectural design considerations.

The position of the Al Rayanni metro station is important because of its traffic connections with Hamad City hospital. The new metro station will provide accessibility to this important area.


client: JV PORR/SBG/HBK/
location: Doha, Qatar
building area: /
program: CD
project date: january 2013
status: /


Damjan Bradač

Mark Koritnik

Maria Leonor Coutinho