The Bled castlle is according to written source oldest castle in slovenia dated from 1010. Three spatial elements the lake, the island and the church on it, and the castle on the rock forms one of the most iconic view of Slovenia. This project deals with new functional access, enterance to the castle for overcoming of existig steep historicall ramps, allowing access for visitors and goods.

The architecture of the building is unnoticed, hidden, blended with the surroundings. Horizontal roof plate is inserted into the rock, the facade of the building is displaced to the inside of the building, which lead us gradually in to the structure of the castle rock. The facade is formed of vertical elements that emphasize the entrance, towards the verticla connection. The upper part of the exit building is designed modestly with intention to catch existing volumes and contours. Volume of cube attaches to the cornice of the existing castle building. Facade is foreseen as  half transparent structure  linked to the grid of existing pavement.

Entererance to the castle is part of the wider urbanistic project which considers central parking area, new general traffic concept of the city Bled and new contemporary museum


investor: Municipality Bled / zavod za kulturo Bled
location: Bled
building area: 350m2
program: public
project date: 2012-2016
status: /


Damjan Bradač u.d.i.a.

Mark Koritnik u.d.i.a
Maria Leonor Coutinho u.d.i.a
Anže Grubelnik u.d.i.a.