Tunnel Markovec-Izola

Eastern Portal is located on north slope of Markovec, on southeren side of the Koper city centre beside city promenade "lungomare". Portal is designed as intervention in the urban city area and in the same time as a boundary in between highway area and protected area of the cliff Markovec. Architecture of the portal mimics geologycal slabs of the stone characteristic for this particular location.


Western portal is situated above Izola city. Architectural intervention deals with delicate vineyard area in Pivol valley. Terrain, local building typology and the desire for low interference with nature were the main generators of the portal design. Architectural interventions are tools to minimize the impact of intrusion in typical rural location.


investor: Dars d.d.
location: Markovec
building area: 2144 m
program: tunneling and underground buildings BD,BPD
project date: july 2004
status: constructed  june 2015


Damjan Bradač

Davor Zelič

Mark Koritnik

landscape Bruto


Miran Kambič

Damjan Bradač