The new hangar is designed for parking and maintanance of military aircrafts.

The main volume of the building is defined by hangar which folows the idea of Military airport reflecting pure function  simplicity and integration in to the landscape. There are 4 servising and mainainig positions for fighter planes.

Roof structure made of steel trusses provides one span space with continues horizontal window alowing access for natural daylight. Floorplane  sheme is adjusted to working process in the building.

On the southeren side of the hangar there is a longitudinal building containing storages and smaller workshops for  maintanance and testing of the smaller components of the aircrafts. console roof - canopy is protecting building from southern  sun and in the same time creating façade of the building.


investor: Ministry od Defence
location: Cerklje ob Krki, military airport
building area: 1700 m2
program: airport facilities
project date: 2008
status: built in 2015


Damjan Bradač u.d.i.a

Davor Zelić gr.teh

Mark Koritnik u.d.i.a