Urban park located next to city promenade is generating the contact with the sea on one side, and connection with the green area of the city sport park on the other side. Intensive vegetation, morphology of the terrain and the shade elements will generate Mediterranean fluid space, with ambiences that differ from each other as well as being recognized as a whole. Flexible urban spaces are responding to different spatial scenarios. Program units are creating spaces and organic path’s in between the programs. Urban program units are located towards the sea. Intensive green programs areas with typical vegetation will create contact with green surfaces of the city.


New water surface is providing new program and contact with the sea. The city of Koper once an Island, was connected to mainland with wooden bridge. Position of the old bridge correspond with position of city promenade.


Shade canopy is designed  as steel frames, which provide space for the public and service content. Archway is a "program backbone" which with its flexibility allows endless possibilities of scenarios; art exhibitions, fairs, workshops for children, gourmet festivals.


Shade canvas sail is located in the central part of the park, diagonal through the urban park. Canvas connects and divides the space in a variety of environments while positioned, in a way not to interfere with the panorama of the Old Town. Canvas sail will be carried out according to the principle of an aircraft wing, the structure will be made of hollow metal sections - of the ribs.


Container represents mobility and flexibility. By using different colors and fonts is provided for visibility of content throughout the entire area. flexible and simple element's can be a used for a wide range of program like, food stores, wardrobes, shops, equipment storages, workshops


investor: Municipality Koper
location: Koper
building area: 36.000,00
program: urban park
project date: 2016
status: /


Damjan Bradač

Matej Delak

Anže Grubelnik

Mitja Novak

landscape cons. Matej Kučina