The new design of the portal Karavanke is derived from architecture of Savin Sever.

Sever is one of the most important Slovenian architects of the 20th century. Structural and functional approach to the architectural problem is probably the most valuable characteristic of Sever's arhitecture.

With respect, and will to a comprehensive treatment of space

and to the time continuity of the existing with

the interpretation through the prism of the present time,

concept of the design remains the same.

Portal building marks the entrance to the mountain and door-portal in the country.

New spatial volume follows the existing in the form and dimensions,

for filling the original idea of two spatial volumes.

Facade of the building will be transparent membrane which helds technology associated with the function of the tunnel.

The functional baseline was logicaly changed.

A different task could mean a different form, for this spatial problem, the new definition of starting point is needed.

The initial  premise of "form follows function"

is changed to a new starting point "form follows the symbol"


investor: dars
location: Hrušica, Slovenija
building area: 8.019 m
program: /
project date: 2014

concept design | building permit design | ed


Damjan Bradač

Maria Leonor Coutinho

Leon Pelc